Throne Olympus

Throne of Olympus

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Throne of Olympus Book One: Blood Bond has been released!
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Throne of Olympus

“You guys do know those are myths…being Greek and all, not to mention being adults, right?”¯

“The Coffee Bar—she ordered the night’s special, a Caramel Coffee Martini. She was torturing herself thinking about Gabriel. Kaleb was watching as she sat all alone downing her martini and several Caramel Espresso shots.”

“‘I want to go home. How could the world I know be so different from up here?’ It was shiny and new and seemed frightfully unreal. At the same time it was as if someone lifted a cloudy veil that had covered her eyes her whole life. Olympus was almost animated to her…”

In the twenty-first century, mythical presence is preserved in storybooks. It is a time where heroic tales of the gods leap from the pages into the imagination, for most.

One night, in an instant, the life of twenty-two-year-old Lena Wilcox is forever changed after helping a stranger. She finds herself caught in between the feud of two mortal families with a blood bond to the Greek gods—the Andros family and the Anastogus family. Both claim superiority, both vie for the Throne of Olympus, but only one side is accepted…the Unworthy are not.

The God of Gods banished Zeus and the other Olympus gods long ago choosing descendants to rule on the throne in their place. This was meant to right the wrongs carried out against the first demigod Argus and the other hybrid offspring of the gods. The destiny of the throne has yet to be fulfilled.

Lena will have to make the difficult choice to follow the path of her destiny as the new rising goddess, along with a new descendant king on Mt. Olympus leaving her earthly life behind. Together, they will become a modern-day Zeus and Hera to protect Olympus and the throne, and to keep the Unworthy from raising the demigod Argus in their ongoing plight for revenge.

Before any of this can happen, Lena must first sort through her feelings about the reality she knows to be true and the reality of the claims brought forth by people claiming to be descendants of the Greek gods, claiming their right to the Throne of Olympus.

“Argus cried out in maniacal pain. He knelt beside the wreckage of his sons’ flesh and sank down into the shallow, garnet pool of blood left behind.”

“Persephone didn’t look like Lena pictured her. She was lovely, soft features with a kindred warmth, not hard and cold like others on Olympus described. Lena wondered how Hades and Persephone got along; his reputation on Olympus was as a harsh ruler of Under Earth. Under Earth was nothing like she expected either.


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